Welcome to the Ultimate Light Table Guide! This blog is an extension of The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Pinterest, the mecca of light table and light play.  

You will find thousands of ways to play with light tables and overhead projectors, as well natural light and reflective play, glow in the dark play, and black light play. My name is Kristen and I am the owner/coordinator of this giant light play project spreading across Pinterest and the entire internet.  

I have gathered thousands of light play pics and pinned them on Pinterest, with the help of many other light play bloggers and enthusiasts.  If there is a light table or light play pic out there, chances are we have already pinned it on the Ultimate Light Table Guide, or will very soon!

I am the proud owner/ leader of the biggest light table and light play resources on the internet! My Pinterest board called Light Tables, Light Boxes, Light Panels. and Light Play is the biggest Light Play board on the internet! It has over 10,000 followers and over 50 collaborative contributors.

Follow Kristen (Caution! Twins at Play)'s board Light Tables, Light Boxes, Light Panels & Light Play on Pinterest.

I also own The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Pinterest. The Ultimate Light Table Guide is an extension to a blog post of mine entitled The Ultimate Light Table Guide. The Ultimate Light Table Guide on Pinterest featured categorized boards by subject for all types of light table and light play. It houses just about any and every light table photo you could ever find on the internet. The team of collaborative contributors on the boards help to add their own and others light play posts. We want The Ultimate Light Table Guide to be a one stop shop resource to teachers, parents, and caregivers for all light table and light play of all types.

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My Pinterest has over 56,000 followers and is growing daily! I have recently altered this blog to be more Pinterest friendly.  I feel that Pinterest is such an amazing way to help enhance a blog and make the posts and activities on it so much easier to find.  You will find a lot of links on this blog that lead you back to Pinterest.  This is not to confuse you but to help you to more easily find activities on this blog!

Visit Kristen (Caution! Twins at Play)'s profile on Pinterest.

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